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Learning Policy


Our learning policy is centred on respect for students. Our students are central to all activities of the university. We actively encourage and recognise student achievement and celebrate student success. Nugaal University’s learning policy fits with our Charter, the university learning agreement and our university code. These documents are discussed at your induction; copies are also available from student services. Our learning policy is led by senior university managers to make sure that it is carried out and is monitored by the university boards.

Equal Opportunities

Nugaal University exists in multi tribal, multi group and multi clan society. We value this diversity and we also wish to play our part in making sure that people are treated fairly and equally so that they can be successful. The university is actively committed to work towards eliminating unfair and unlawful direct or indirect discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity for all throughout the organisation. We will try to ensure that:
1· No person is treated less favourably than another on the grounds of race, tribal, gender, ability disability, nationality, ethnic and cultural origin, religious beliefs, age, social class, marital status, and union membership.
2· any person who is severely disadvantaged will be provided with the necessary support to enable them to achieve their potential.
3· the composition of the workforce at all levels broadly reflects the community it serves.
4· Students, employees and job applicants are treated fairly and consistently and are not subjected to unjustified conditions or requirements.
5· all services we provide to students are not unfairly and unlawfully discriminatory.
6· in awarding contracts to outside organisations, we will give due recognition to their practice regarding equality of opportunity within their organisation.
7· all company members, employees, students, outside organisations including contractors are made aware of their rights and responsibilities under existing legislation and the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Disability Statement

Nugaal University has a disability statement which describes in detail the facilities available for students with learning difficulties and disabilities. You can get a copy of this from university compass in the near future. It explains our approach and describes what resources we have, in staff, equipment and adaptations to buildings, to help people with disabilities.

Who is who at Nugaal University?

Governing Body of Nugaal University (University Board of Trustee): The Governing Body of Nugaal University is responsible for ensuring that the university is properly run.
The Senate Committee: The Senate Committee is chief executive committee of the Nugaal University. Their responsibilities are for the overall management of University of Nugaal. They are University Management Team: The Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Deans of faculties and heads of departments.
Deans of University Faculties and department heads: Deans and departments heads are responsible for the smooth day to day running of the University.
Learning Leaders: Responsible for quality, efficiency, support and development across a number of teams in the same area.
Programme Team Leader: Programme Team Leaders are responsible for the quality of groups of courses in the same area.
Course Team Leader: Course Team Leaders are responsible for course organisation. Sometimes this is the same person as your personal tutor.
Personal Tutor: All students have a personal tutor. Your personal tutor will support you through your course and keep your records up to date.

The Faculties

The Nugaal University has three Faculties: Humanities, Natural Science and Social Sciences each headed by a Dean. Each faculty has a Faculty Committee Board, the duties of which are to direct, subject to the control of the Senate Committee, and the work of the faculty.
Within each.