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Short Courses (Diploma & Certificate)


Important Notice: The 1st courses of English & Mathematics classes will begin February 01-2012.

Please see below for our terms and conditions. If you have any queries, feel free to contact our administrator:

All fees must be received 3 days before the commencement of the course.

Admission to short courses at (NU) shall be open only to such a student who has passed with a minimum (c) grade in Secondary School Examination or an equivalent examination & has paid the fee of at least three months advances

                                   COURSES OFFERED

Pre- University Course:



English courses


6 months

Mathematics & General science


6 months

Other Courses:



NGOs    managements


3 months

SCM    (logistics)


3 months

Report writing


3 months



3 months

Project management


3 months



2 months


Diploma  courses :

Computer Package & Accounting                                                         9 months

Human resource                                                                                     9 months

Social worker                                                                                          9 months




                                      Overview of English Language Communication

                                    Developing Effective Communication Skills...

                                                                   (English course)

The Centre for English Language Communication was established in (NU).  It plays a vital role in enhancing the English language and communication skills of both students & workers  


We aim to be a top for the teaching of English language and communication skills and the engagement in research that assist academic teaching.


Our mission is to empower our students to gain valuable English language and communication skills for their academic and professional lives through modern teaching, encouragement of self-determining learning and engagement in research a

                                                         Strategic objectives

         We achieve this mission by

  • providing well planned and relevant programmers
  • preparing students for the communication needs of the university and the workplace
  • promoting independent learning through the provision of self-access learning environments
  • adopting innovative teaching practices grounded in research
  • designing and administering effective language assessments
  • Pleasing to the eye professional growth by keeping shoulder to shoulder of current developments in theory, research.
  • conducting classroom based research on the teaching of English and communication skills
  • collaborating with departments and faculties of the university to meet students' language and communication needs
  • sharing expertise with practitioners through publications, conferences and academic collaboration

                                         {“The journey of thousand miles start with single step”}

                              {“Doubt whom you will, but never doubt yourself”}

            At Nugaal University    every student will find a place to belong