Student Service


Welcome to Nugaal University

On behalf of the Board of Trustee, Senate Committee and staff of the Nugaal University we would like to let you know that we believe you, our students, are the most important people in our working lives. Nugaal University’s central task is to help you become successful and to make you happy while you are the campus. We are keen to ensure that you achieve your potential. We wish you success with your studies and hope you have an enjoyable and fruitful time with us.
There are many student services for Nugaal University at the main sites of Lasanod. Student services’ staffs provide you with a range of support services for all University campus including:

  • Course advice and guidance
  • Careers guidance
  • Financial advice
  • Personal counselling

Any student can drop into the student services offices for help or make appointments through reception. All information is available in the form of leaflets and computer database.
Your personal tutor can also help you by assisting with completion of forms and advising on basic financial issues, listening to personal issues, supporting you make choices, planning careers and progression and point you to relevant information.


Personal counselling services are available. You may wish to discuss a range of different issues such as courses and study difficulties, money difficulties, or personal problems which can be difficult to talk about such as loneliness, depression, financial problem, anxiety and other abuses. We will help connect you the right adviser.

Careers Services

Student services also provide a careers service offering individual careers guidance as well as group sessions to help you decide on your next step to jobs, training, higher and further education. Good quality, up to date careers information is available to help you choose careers opportunities. Job vacancy information is advertised on the notice boards in student services.

Learning Resources

Nugaal University provides books, video, journals and access to a range of electronic information sources. Learning Resource facilities are available at the University campus in Lasanod. The campus provides access to small amount of computers and internet, photocopying facilities, audio visual viewing facilities and study spaces. Staff and students can use resources in the library. All students are entitled to a learning resource induction programme to introduce you to research skills, CD-ROMs and the internet. Your tutor will arrange these sessions.

Acceptable User Policy

When you use the internet and the University networks, it is essential that you take responsibility for your actions in accessing networks services.
The Acceptable User Policy is a set of rules for behaving properly when using any University computer. All Nugaal University users will be expected to abide by these rules. Anyone abusing the rules will have their access to the internet and University networks denied and disciplinary action will be taken which may lead to dismissal from university. All machines are remotely monitored with specialist software to make sure that students are using them properly, particularly of the internet.
Under the Acceptable User Policy Rules:

  • You should contact a member of staff immediately if you see a warning message about a virus. Please note that all machines have anti-virus software installed
  • You should remember that when you are writing web pages infringement of copyright laws, obscene, harassing or threatening materials on Web sites can be in violation of national and international laws. Authors of html or PDF documents will ultimately be responsible for what they allow users world wide to access.
  • You should not load any material onto University machines. You should not download all files to the hard disc of the computers but onto your own floppy disc or flash memory.
  • You should not access or attempt to access unauthorised parts of the network.
  • You should not access sites (public or private) that are abusive, racist, sexist, pornographic, unlawful, or send email or download any material that is offensive to other university users.
  • You should not use the internet or email for commercial purposes at any time.
  • You should not chat line, pagers or any other real time communication services unless authorised to do so by your tutor as part of your course.
  • You should not make any use of the internet that interferes with the work of others.
  • You should not make any use of the internet that would bring the name of the Nugaal University, Lasanod into disrepute.

Data Protection

Nugaal University collects and stores information about all students. This means we have to make sure that data is collected, is secure, kept up to date and only used for the purpose intended.
You should make sure that all personal data provided to the university is accurate and up to date. You should also notify changes of address etc. to your personal tutor or course tutor who will then update your student records.
You have the right to access any personal data that is kept about you either on computer or in certain files. If you wish to look at this data, you should complete an “Access to Information” from and give it to your personal tutor or course team leader. We will respond to requests for personal information as quickly as possible and will ensure that information is provided within 10 days unless there are is good reason for a delay. In case of a delay, the reasons for the delay will be explained in writing to the individual requesting the data. There will be a small charge for this service.

ID Cards

On completing your enrolment you will be issued with an ID card. You may be required to show this, so please carry it at all times. If you lose it, please tell your personal tutor or reception. There will be a replacement charge for any cards lost. Only registered students are allowed to use university facilities.

Personal and Lost Property

Please remember that personal possessions brought into the University are your responsibility. We do not have insurance for personal property and will not accept responsibility for theft or damage to any items brought into the University. If you lose property please report it to reception. A record of all lost and found items is kept there. Lost property is kept for one year.

Health and Safety

Nugaal University will a safe environment for all employees, students, visitors and anyone else likely to be affected by the University’s activities. The University keeps a high standard of health and safety. We train staff in health and safety and continually assess and review our system. The University promotes health and safety and listens to the views of recognised unions, employees, students, visitors, contractors and members of the public.
It is the duty of everyone at the University to behave in such a manner as not to affect the health and safety of themselves or any other person. All students must follow at all times any code of practice in their curriculum area.