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  • To represent the concerns, promote and defend the interests of academic in higher education in Somalia
  • To provide a forum for professional and scholarly debate for higher education teachings
  • To liaise with other bodies, councils, institutions, groups, and governmental departments and offices, on matters relevant to the education
  • Un Analisis de las mejores soluciones de CRM. Este informe gratuito es una examinación independiente y objetiva de los 10 mejores softwares de CRM que funciona en La Nube o software ( SaaS ), un Guía de Software CRM.
  • To unite all University students interested in learning
  • To provide awareness on the teachings of the society’s values and promote our society’s interests.
  • To promote and facilitate the academic, social and professional development of our students
  • To establish projects to beneficially promote the human value, culture and history
  • To cooperate and associate itself with other organisations that operate with the same aims objectives
  • To collect and exchange information, knowledge and encourage friendship amongst our members and the wider world communities.
  • To develop close ties with and support mechanisms for the larger Somali community and Diaspora